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Baby Shower on a budget

Hi friends!
I certainly hope you all are having a wonderful 2020 so far! I recently hosted a baby shower for one of my sweet friends. Considering it was right after the holidays, and before I had returned to work, I had to do it on a budget. I didn't want it to look cheap, but I needed to be frugal.

Our Disney #Nowmorethanever Play Date

Hello friends! We were recently gifted a Disney #nowmorethanever party pack! It came with everything needed to throw a party minus the snacks and the people. 

Camping with children: My list of essential items

Camping with children can be a daunting task, especially if they are little, and especially if you aren't necessarily a camper.. like me. I have complied a list of must have items for any camping trip with young children. But first, I thought I would share some photos of my cute family. 
We recently went camping in the middle of nowhere town of Sierra City. The campground we stayed at was called Wild Plum Campground and it was amazing. They got so much rain this year that the 'quiet creek' was now a rushing river!